Sector Studies

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Retail sale of pharmaceuticals
Category: RETAIL TRADE Version: 6
Date: November 2019 Country: Romania
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  English: Available
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Table of Contents:

1. Definition and introduction in sector study

2. The evolution of the Sector
• Main financial indicators (Turnover, No of employees, Operating Profit of the Sector, Operating Loss of the Sector, Result of the Sector)
• Status RECOM

3. Structure and distribution of the Sector
• Profit/ Loss
• Company type
• Geographic
• Turnover
• Status (ANAF, RECOM, Insolvency)

4. Risk Rating - Credit Risk Evaluation of Companies
Assessment of the probability of default and ability to pay to suppliers and debtors
• Credit risk distribution for 2013
• Evolution of the credit risk

5. Top companies - Performance of Key Industry Players
Top 20 Companies by Turnover 2012 - for entire Sector and each company type (micro, small, medium, large)

6. Companies’ Key Financial Indicators Analysis – for entire Sector and each company type (micro, small, medium, large)
• Operating Profit Margin
• Quick Ratio
• Indebtness Ratio
• Inventory Turnover
• Days Receivables Outstanding Ratio
• Days Payables Outstanding Ratio

7. Conclusions and recommendations

8. Methodology

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